What are the WOTC target groups? What are their credit values?

Certified tax credits range in value from a minimum of $2,400 to a maximum of $9,600, depending on the target group. Veterans tend to have the highest tax credit value. 

Target Group Potential Amount Code
Short-Term TANF* Recipient $2,400 A
Long-Term TANF* Recipient $9,000 (over 2 yrs) I
SNAP (food stamp) Recipient $2,400 G
Designated Community Resident $2,400 D
Vocational Rehabilitation Referral $2,400 E
Ex-Felon $2,400 C
SSI Recipient $2,400 H
Summer Youth $1,200 F
Long Term Unemployment $2400 J
         Receives SNAP (food stamps) benefits $2,400 B
    Entitled to compensation for service-connected disability
         Hired one year from leaving service $4,800 B
         Unemployed at least 6 months $9,600 B
         At least 4 weeks $2,400 B
         At least 6 months $5,600 B

* Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
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